Towards an understanding of emergence in systems-of-systems

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2015
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Authors: Hermann Kopetz; O. Höftberger; B. Frömel; Francesco Brancati; Andrea Bondavalli
Book title: System of Systems Engineering Conference (SoSE), 2015 10th
Pages: 214-219
Address: San Antonio, TX
Month: May 17-20
Emergence is a systemic phenomenon in an System-of-Systems (SoS) that cannot be reduced to the behavior of the isolated parts of a system. It is the objective of this paper to contribute to the understanding of emergent phenomena in SoSs. After a short look at the literature on emergence in the domains of philosophy and computer science, this paper continues with an elaboration on multi-level nearly-decomposable systems, gives a tentative definition of emergence and discusses how emergent behavior manifests itself in an SoS.

Resilient Computing Lab, 2011

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