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Friday, 16 November 2012 13:10

Research and development within the CHESS project was completed in April 2012. The results produced within the project are now online on the website of the project.

The following public deliverables are available for download:

D2.1 – CHESS modelling language and editor
D2.2 – Analysis and Evaluation Solutions
D2.3.2 – Multi-concern Component Methodology and Toolset
D3.1 – Dependability and security properties and analysis methods
D3.2.2 – Transformations and analysis support to dependability
D3.3 – Mechanisms and components for execution platforms supporting dependability
D4.1 – Predictability properties and analysis methods
D4.2.2 – Transformations and analysis support to predictability
D4.3 – Predictability property-preservation needs
D5.1 – Specification of technology-neutral property-preserving run-time environment

Additionally, a large part of the CHESS tools and technologies have been developed for distribution to industry as open source and are available for download as well.



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