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Wednesday, 25 July 2018 00:00

Today is the first day of the project with RFI - Rete Ferroviaria Italiana - which explores Safe Architectures for SIL4 Railway Systems. This three-year project will see a cooperation between RCL group and the R&D department of RFI, which is managing the railway network in Italy. Main targets of the project will be:

- Definition of architectures for two future SIL4 systems: PMF, which will work onboard of the train, and SEC, which will be deployed inside stations.

- Devising coding rules for implementing SIL4 software in the railway domain, including coding rules, coding styles and quality metrics.

- V&V Plan, and definition of Safety Cases

- Preliminary Hazard Analyses

- Modeling activities for the early validation of the systems above both in terms of Safety and Security.

- Exploring mechanisms for fault-tolerance in the railway domain in accordance with standards such as ERTMS / SCMT (Italian)

- Safe Visualization of safety-critical information on commercial OTS devices (e.g., tablets)

- Implementation of the "Protocollo Vitale Standard" to allow safe communications among subsystems.

Overall, the aim of the project is to devise architectures and mechanisms for SIL4 systems, along with prototypes of specific subsystems.


We also report the Italian name of the project, that is: "Progetto di Ricerca: Specificazione, analisi e valutazione di architetture per applicazioni safety-critical - Architetture Fail-Safe e Fault-Tolerant delle Piattaforme SEC e PMF con Dimostratori della Piattaforma IRM e del Protocollo PVS".


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